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Die Casting Alloys:

Semco Enterprises, Inc. manufacturers the range of ZAMAK and ZA alloys. The most common zinc alloy, ZAMAK 3, satisfies most die casting needs with it's high strength, hardness and low melting point... LEARN MORE

Slush Casting Alloys:

Slush Casting Alloy contains approximately 5% Aluminum and 95% Zinc. It is used primarily for the use of hollow castings... LEARN MORE

Steel Coating Alloys:

Semco manufactures two types of zinc coating alloys (Brightener): 5% Aluminum and 10% Aluminum with the blanace percentage being SHG Zinc... LEARN MORE


Semco offers several additional services to help your business:
Technical Assistance Price Risk Management Remelt

Spectrograph computer analysis of zinc die cast sample

Technical Assistance

Semco Enterprises, Inc. has on onsite Metallurgical laboratory, 35 years of alloying experience, and an extensive technical library to assist customers in solving technical problems in all facets of business from quality, profitability, and production levels. Semco's Metallurgical laboratory provides customers chemical analysis on samples of their product.

Photo: Spectrograph computer analysis of zinc die cast sample.

Daily LME Price Chart

Price Risk Management

Semco realizes that to protect themselves from price volatility, they need to protect their customers' risk exposure. This is why Semco uses real time pricing. Semco is connected to an up to the second live price screen. In correlation to live pricing, Semco has direct contact with London Metal Exchange (LME) brokers that in addition to giving real time zinc prices, can give analysis, forecasts and running commentary. The last venue but maybe the most crucial to managing risk exposure is providing customers with hedging strategies. Semco will work with each individual customer to create a strategy that is appropriate for their business.

Photo: Daily LME Price Chart

Bins containing customers returned scrap for remelt


Semco will take the zinc die cast parts and dross in an ingot form, remelt the material and cast it back into an ingot with the proper chemical specification for that particular zinc alloy. There are many advantages to remelting the material. The customer receives their material back in usable solid ingot form, the material has an accurate analysis for each bundle, and these ingots can be used in a quality manner which will prevent out of specification castings and metal loss.

Photo: Bins containing customers returned scrap for remelt.
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